Nov 6th GeoNetwork 4.0.1 released

GeoNetwork 4.0.1 release is a minor release aligned with GeoNetwork 3.10.5 (see version-3105) with some changes: Search / Facet / Fix more action when collapse state is set Search / Suggestion / Apply score INSPIRE / Add conformance class 2b for monitoring Record view / Fix extent image due to HTTPs change Record view / More like this ... Több... »

Okt 23rd GeoNetwork 4.0.0 released

Release highlights: The GeoNetwork 4.0.0 release is aligned with GeoNetwork 3.10.4 (see Version 3.10.4). The user search experience has been greatly improved. For more information see the description in Version 4.0.0-alpha.1 and Version 4.0.0-alpha.2. Search / Exact match support Record view / Use timeline to render resource events, ... Több... »